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A Natural Birth

My husband and I are huge fans of The Center of Birthing Transformation! Our experience with the Center began with the birthing class. Learning about pregnancy and the birthing process helped us understand what to expect along the way. The class also helped shape our perception of birth and labor as a positive and exciting experience, rather than something painful. I learned some really helpful calming techniques and exercises, which I found myself using when I finally went into labor. I can honestly say that my labor was pain free (without an epidural!). While there were moments of discomfort, I was able to relax and let my body do the work. Tanya, our Monitrice was amazing. From the moment she arrived at our home, she was comforting and reassuring. She coached me through contractions and talked me through the pushing. During our time at the hospital, my husband and I could focus on each other and the birth, knowing that Tanya had our interests in mind. She communicated with the doctors and nurses, ensuring that our birth plan was followed. She showed me how to nurse our new daughter, and came to our home for a follow up visit a few days later. We could not have asked for a better birthing experience, and it was definitely due to the Center’s classes and Monitrice services. We are so happy that we found the Center!

Michele Machalani & Sebastien Grouard

A Natural Birth

There is no one quite like Tanya Mchale. Quite simply, she is probably one of the most amazing, inspirational, kind, open-hearted and genuine people you will ever be lucky enough to meet. And that’s even before you start thinking about her incredible skill base. If you are reading this then you are very lucky that some fortuitous path has brought you to hers.

I ‘found’ Tanya in 2007 when I was newly pregnant with my first child. I knew I wanted a fully natural and unmediated, gentle birth and had decided that in order to achieve that I would like to learn hypnosis for birth and hire a doula/monitrice. In Tanya I believed that I had found someone who could bring both elements. My husband and I took her Hypnosis for Childbirth course and we hired her to be with us on our birthing day. Throughout the whole process Tanya was so much more than we had ever hoped for. She was there for us every step of the way – in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy she was always at the end of the phone to reassure me and answer any questions, she gave me the most amazing quantum touch session two days before I went into labour and she was by my side the moment I needed her when my labour began. The birth of my daughter was every bit the experience I had dreamed of. Thanks to Tanya, I had an intervention and drug free, gentle and empowering birth, which I feel incredibly privileged to have experienced. I can honestly say it was the most amazing day of my life. Her knowledge and experience when it comes to the birthing of babies, to ensure not only health and well-being but also a positive experience for BOTH mother and baby, is second to none.

Emotional and Physical Healing using Quantum Touch and Energy Psychology

I went to see Tanya during the early weeks of my second pregnancy. Right from the beginning the pregnancy seemed to take it’s toll on me and I felt incredibly unwell. As well as feeling physically unwell I had also been experiencing some family troubles. From the minute I walked into her office Tanya seemed to be able to pinpoint what was going on for me both physically and emotionally and I ended up having some psychological therapy (energy psychology) with her. During the time I was meeting with her for this, I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and Tanya used quantum touch on me. Then, in my third trimester, I experienced a bad haemorrhage, which resulted in the diagnosis of placenta previa – a condition whereby the placenta implants across the cervix making a vaginal delivery potentially fatal and a c-section a necessary evil. I was put on bed rest and I was devastated that I would not be able to have another wonderful birthing experience let alone the home birth I had dreamt of.

Throughout this time, Tanya was my rock and I felt her presence every step of the way. We had regular sessions on the phone and she kept me positive and focused. In the meantime the doctors were worried about the state of my cervix and the speed at which it was worsening. Being pregnant meant that I was unable to have a biopsy or treatment and it was therefore important to me to find non-invasive treatments to help keep me well. I am a clinical psychologist who has always worked within mainstream medicine and I am by training a ‘scientist-practitioner’. However, Tanya has opened my eyes to so much more. I absolutely love how Tanya works – she is indeed a maverick. She takes all that is mainstream and ‘scientific’, blends it with techniques that are outside our everyday understanding, adds her special Tanya magic dust and the results are incredible. During this time, she helped me shift some of the deep fatigue I have struggled with since being a teenager, she helped me let go of a toxic and exhausting relationship, and she helped me bear weeks of bed rest and the impending threat of haemorrhage fearlessly and positively. She kept reassuring me that my baby boy was ‘in a place of well-being’ inside me throughout the duration of this tumultuous time and when Tanya says it, you can’t help but believe it is true. And if that wasn’t enough, she helped cure my cervical dysplasia! At my 6-week post baby check up, my cervix looked completely normal and my pap result confirmed that there was indeed absolutely nothing wrong with me.

A C-Section

My son was born urgently by c-section at 35 weeks after my third haemorrhage. It wasn’t the experience I had hoped for and it was far removed from the wonderful natural labor I had with my daughter or the home birth I had planned for this second child. Tanya was out of town and whilst I was sad that she was not with us, I felt like she had prepared me well. Instead, one of her colleagues from the Centre was with us, Nora Pruszynski, who was a wonderful substitute. Like Tanya, Nora is a warm, gentle and knowledgeable Monitrice. During the immediate aftermath of the surgery, when you are bombarded with the hospital medical approach to newborns, which we had hoped to avoid with a homebirth, Nora helped us tactfully gain the treatment and choices which were important to us. She helped us make the right choices when he was declared to have a low blood glucose, which enabled us to keep him out of the NICU. She helped me initiate breastfeeding at the soonest opportunity, something which is not easy but crucially important for a premature c-section baby. She stayed with us and supported me through the immediate aftermath of the surgery, which was far more unpleasant than I had anticipated particularly when you can’t help but compare it to the ecstasy and ease post natural labour.

However, although my son was early, just as Tanya had reassured me, he was well, a great weight and did not need any extra help. Thank you Tanya and thank you to the wonderful team and Centre you have created. We love you and are indebted to you for making our baby making years the absolute best they could be.

-Kate & Steve

A Natural Birth

I had my first baby at Prentice with Pitocin and an epidural. It all worked out well and I was one of the “lucky” ones to escape with a vaginal delivery.

After my first birth I chose a more holistic approach to mothering and medicine. While pregnant with #2 my husband and I decided to try to have a natural birth. The more we researched the topic the the more we realized a homebirth was our answer. A friend referred me to Tanya Mchale and her Hypnosis for Childbirth class.
I hired Tanya thinking she would teach me self hypnosis and be a support during birth. After meeting with Tanya we chose her monitrice package that gave us several prenatal sessions, her Hypnosis for Childbirth class and some hours after the birth. (Here’s the part where I get mushy). Tanya was nothing short of AMAZING! I think every woman needs a Tanya. It was so refreshing to have someone as passionate about being a part of my birth as I was. Why you NEED Tanya:
+ She was a labor a delivery nurse for many years- (I found it comforting knowing that if I ended up in the hospital she would be with me and understand the logistics due to her experience.)
+ She’s a certified hypnotherapist- (Like many, I feared the pain and wanted anything in my toolbox that would help.)
+ She’s a healer- (Her Quantum Touch sessions were powerful. Can’t imagine going through pregnancy without them.)
+ Her knowledge of pregnant women- (She was more in tune with my body and baby than any doctor ever could be.)
I must say that the sessions leading up to the birth were invaluable. After meeting with Tanya once a week for 10 weeks I was beyond comfortable with her. I was so confident in her that throughout the pregnancy if anything felt scary or stressful her knowledge and intuitions put me at ease. I loved the constant positive reinforced she provided. She trusted my body and my baby. Even after attending a 36 hour labor Tanya showed up for my birth and I felt that she was totally present. Also, the postpartum time I received was WONDERFUL! I had 4 visits where she came to my house ran energy, provided great insight on breastfeeding, made me lunch and gave me a massage. Doesn’t get better than that ;o) She would have done my laundry if I needed her to. So nice. I would hire Tanya again in a second. If you are looking for a transformative birth experience Tanya will help you. I had an incredible homebirth and felt like my team members were rock stars. The only downside is Tanya gets booked pretty quickly, but I believe she is hiring more monitrices and even has plans to create a prenatal wellness center.

-Shayna & Drew Larsen

A Complicated Labor

Receiving both hypnosis instruction and Monitrice services from the Center were immeasurably beneficial to me, my husband, and our new baby. As so many new parents, my husband and I were excited and also anxious about naturally delivering our baby. We had heard a lot of negative talk about natural delivery from friends, some family, and unsolicited acquaintances. What we found through Tanya and the Center, was a group of people with shared values of letting go, trusting oneself, the birthing process, and each other. Moreover, we learned tangible techniques for dealing with stress and discomfort — for example, using the numbing technique was helpful in relaxing me during pregnancy as well as during my labor. Also, I often focused on the images I had chosen, during my labor, to relax me and bring me to a sense of peace — this was something I learned through the Center. Moreover, having learned a number of calming exercises together, my husband was prepared to play a comforting and also active role in the birth of our daughter. I know that the work we did with Tanya prior to the Center prepared us for our daughter’s birth.

During my labor, it was WONDERFUL to have Tanya present. Having a birthing coach with such a calming presence and voice put me at ease and served as a buffer (poor Tanya) when various well-intended medical staff got in the way or removed me from my focus. While my labor was long and difficult at the end, I know, without a doubt, that the hypnosis exercises and Tanya’s presence made the experience manageable and shaped what could have been another scary story about labor, into a story about strength and perseverance. Moreover, even when there were a few dramatic moments in the delivery room, Tanya was there to calm me, reassure me that some of these concerns were normal, and help make sense of what was transpiring. I was never afraid during my labor — tired, maybe a bit exhausted at the end…but never fearful and I attribute that to the Center’s guidance and my hard work prior to Ainsley’s delivery.

Finally, and I think this is important, after 32 hours of labor, I found myself excited, energetic, and confident that my body had done well and would heal. In less than a few hours, I was walking, showering, and eager to get dressed and interact with my baby. The doctors and nurses were blown away by my energy and fast recovery, given a long labor. I really believe the Center resources and Tanya, there during the labor, played an important role in assisting me with not only my labor but also my recovery. I felt completely supported and protected from the first moment we signed up for Tanya’s services to post Ainsley’s delivery. I was amazed at Tanya’s endurance too!

I hope that my testimony serves as an example of even when labor doesn’t go as planned, when it’s long and when a c-section is almost required, the techniques and support of the Center are clearly beneficial!!! We have a beautiful, vibrant daughter!
– Jennifer & Scott Avers

A Natural Birth

Tanya’s services are amazing. Her prenatal support and presence at our daughter’s birth helped make it the experience we hoped for. She continued her support for weeks afterward, which this new mother greatly appreciated. We hope to need and utilize Tanya’s services and expertise again, as my husband stated, she was priceless!

-Carly M.

A Long Labor

We are all getting settled in here and it is so fantastic and amazing being a new family. Again Tanya- I can’t thank you enough for your support and help through this whole process. It has made my birth story and my new family everything that I hoped for and I know it couldn’t have happened without you. All of your words and encouragement through the whole labor and especially ‘pushing’ gave me something to focus on and really got me through the tough parts.

-Emily Russell

From Class Participants:


Evelyn Theresa Allen was born at 3:17 pm on November 21st, 2010  She weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces and is 19.5 inches long.  We had a wonderful birth experience.  I went into labor at 4 am on Sunday morning and labored at home until 9 am.  When we arrived at the hospital, we were already 6.5 cm dilated and fully effaced.  The hypnosis techniques you taught in your Hypnosis for Childbirth class series were amazing and really helped me to stay relaxed and tolerate the pain.  When we arrived at the hospital, I decided to get an epidural.  I have no regrets as it helped me refocus my energies and thoughts on pushing the baby out.  I pushed for about 1 hour and 15 minutes before our little OP miracle was delivered.  The hypnosis techniques were incredibly helpful during the pushing phase.  They really helped me conquer my fears and enjoy the process.  Evelyn was healthy from the start and was able to immediately come to my chest.  What an amazing experience!  She breastfed within the first hour of life and is a breastfeeding champ (which I am so thankful for!).
Many, many thanks to you for all your help and advice.  We couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience.  We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to take your class.  It helped us prepare for the delivery as a couple and gave us all the tools we needed to give our baby girl a wonderful birthday.  We will definitely recommend your class to others.

~ Nathan and Erin and Evelyn

I just wanted to let you know that Jeff and I had our baby on 8/8/08 at 6:27am. We named her Olivia Grace Greenslade. Things did not start off how I planned, that’s for sure. Despite my attempts to induce labor naturally, my due date came and went. I went in to my midwife’s office and it was discovered that my amniotic fluid was at 3.8 (I can’t remember the exact number actually but it was much lower than they want). I was told to go to the hospital immediately and begin induction. I CRIED; this was not what I wanted! I started on Pitocin at 11:30am on 8/7/08. The nurses were so nice, I started to feel more calm again and realized that despite the circumstances I could still have a positive experience overall. I didn’t get into hard labor until probably 12 hours after induction began. I was able to labor the way I wanted pretty much…walking, using the ball, bathtub, etc. Your CD (#4) came in handy throughout the night. At some point – maybe 3am – I started to feel very desperate and tired. I thought I was going to cave and get an epidural but the Midwife started helping me focus on one contraction at a time. Then before I knew it I was pushing and she was born. No pain meds necessary! I really felt good after the birth experience – I felt really liberated for one, but also I felt physically well. The nurses would come in to ask how I felt. I always said “real well” and they seemed surprised. Also, the nurse who was present during delivery complimented me on my pushing and I finally said “yeah right, you say that to everyone” and she looked at me and said “No I really don’t”. Jeff’s mom and my mom were both impressed with how fast my recovery seemed to go. I definitely feel that all of these compliments and positive experiences can be attributed to the skills, techniques and attitudes learned in your class. Also, Jeff and I were both in awe when the baby was placed on my abdomen immediately after birth and she went toward the breast just like in the video you showed. It was amazing!!!! Jeff and I both agree that your class prepared us so well for the entire experience of labor and delivery, as well as basic care, breastfeeding, etc. We had signed up for other classes through the hospital but they were all a waste of time compared to your class. They were repetitious and boring in comparison to your class, actually! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

-Julie and Jeff Greenslade + baby Olivia

It’s been 2 months and I’m only finally getting around to this email. My husband John and I were in your class this summer and we gave birth to little Henry on November 2nd. We did it all unmedicated and the experience was phenomenal! We stayed at home for most of the labor and arrived at the hospital at 9 centimeters – just in time! I was ecstatic!

The labor itself was so quick and I never felt the “terrible pain” that they talk about, so I never could have imagined I was that far along. I just felt incredibly calm and confident. I credit your class and all the prep work we did for such a fast, easy time (and perhaps some genetics and luck helped). Henry is doing very well (big and plump) and breastfeeding is going swimmingly. Hope you’re well and thanks again.

-Kat McDonnell Corwine

I took Tanya’s class while pregnant. I had a drug-free birth and honestly, practically pain free as well. I have a picture of me laughing, eating a ceasar salad when I was 8cm dialated! This was my second child and the second time I used a midwife (in a hospital) but the first time I used a doula – it was a great experience!

-Cara Busch

Hypnotherapy/Quantum Touch clients

When I first meet Tanya I was in a lot of emotional pain.The past four months had been distressing. I found out I had extensive scarring in my uterus. This was the result of a retained placenta at the birth of my son which needed manual removal 18 months previously. I needed surgery. I had been trying to conceive and was desparate for a second child. I underwent the surgery and was hopeful. Five weeks later it had scarred up again. I had more surgery and was told I would need IVF and possibly the use of a surrogate. I had IVF and it failed. I was devastated. The thought of someone else carry my child was just too much for me. My uterus had be damaged beyond repair. I hated it for not being able to give me what I wanted. I totally rejected it as being part of me. Western doctors saturated me with negativity at such a poor prognosis. I was drowning and everything in my life was suffering, especially me.

I spoke with Tanya and she agreed to see me within a few days. She talked me through the trauma of the retained placenta and the results from it. The guilt, the consequences and the feelings, right or wrong I was dealing with. She sees the bigger picture. She comes from a place of love, not hatred, and love can heal. I saw her just four times and she has changed my life. I have the ability to heal myself with thought, action and intention. I now love my body for the miracle that is my son and have no doubt I will have another child. Friends can see and feel the change in me. My life has shifted and the pain has dissolved.

I feel truely honoured to have spent time with Tanya. She is extremely talented, kind beyond belief and changes lives one at a time for the better. I will never be able to thank her enough. If you are lucky enough to meet her you will understand.

I look forward to the day, I make the call, to tell her I am pregnant. I now know it won’t be long.

-Lorna xx

*Side note – Lorna DID make that call to Tanya! She conceived in Feb. 2010. Congrats to Lorna!*

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