Building Better Relationships for Couples with Young Children





Are some of these thoughts going through your mind?

Why doesn’t he understand how I feel? Why can’t she see that providing for her and the baby is all I care about?


I am so touched out! When are we going to have sex again?

I never have any time for myself anymore. We are just so tired all the time…

I am so in love with out little one. I will do anything for our baby.

I am under so much pressure….we are under so much pressure —-


Take 4 weeks together to rebuild and reconnect to your partner. Join our small group facilitated by two experts, one in the field of maternal-child health and one a seasoned life & relationship coach. Some of the topics that will be covered include:
How to find your way back to each other in spite of the deeper demands—learning how to ask for what you want and receive without drama

How the hormones oxytocin & testosterone drive relationship patterns; behaviors that help to rebuild these hormones and increase connection
How a child deeply reshapes the couples’ identity
How to communicate lovingly when in disagreement, without blame while building caring and intimacy


Start Dates & Locations of Upcoming Building Better Relationships Classes:


Saturday May 9 from 9:30-12noon for 4 weeks (skipping May 30) and last class ending June 6th

Wednesday June 10 (skipping July 1) and last class ending July 8th

Lakeview (Chicago)

Wednesday May 13 from 7-9:30PM for 4 weeks and last class ending June 3


Each series is $240 per couple or $120 per person. To register, email or call Tanya at 708-725-3025



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