Feeling like you have more questions about your pregnancy than answers?

We are a Center dedicated to supporting women and their families for fertility assistance, during pregnancy, childbirth, and during the first year of your child’s life.

Our services address the needs of pregnant families through our classes, coaching, monitrice/doula support, and our postpartum support.

OUR CLASSES are unique and incredibly valuable amongst childbirth classes.  Most classes only teach you what the hospital wants you to know about birth OR teach you a particular philosophy that may or may not match your needs for birth.  Benefits to taking our class include:

* fully inclusive class that covers all the basics (stages of labor, breathing, anatomy & physiology of childbirth), in addition to how to work with the hospital staff & skills that assist you in moving through labor with minimal discomfort.

* allows the woman to remain deeply relaxed during labor and birth.

* reduces the need for pharmacological pain relief.

* provides a more rapid recovery from birth.

* increases bonding between baby and parents.

Recently this thoughtful note from a former student came in my mail. Read it and learn how this class my change your life, as well:


I attended your Hypnosis for Childbirth class  because I was looking for a better birth experience than I had with my first son. After being induced with Pitocin, being given an epidural that did not relieve the pain, having a doctor that lacked bedside manner and being given a painful episiotomy, I was left feeling somewhat miserable about the labor and fearful of surviving any future childbirth experience. I took your class, not because I was interested in having a natural labor with my second child, but because I wanted to learn how to manage the pain and gain some confidence that I would be able to survive another labor.

During one of your first classes, you mentioned that when a woman is in the beginning stages of labor, it’s important to continue your everyday tasks and potentially even go to work.  I thought that was nuts. You also said it was beneficial if a woman could labor at home until she was about 8 centimeters dilated. I thought you were insane. You talked about ensuring that the back seat of the car was clear so a woman could be on “all fours” while driving to the hospital. I could not imagine being in this position during labor.

I did get a lot out of your class. My husband and I practiced your hypnosis scenarios at home and I even wrote some of my own that I found peaceful. I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth that you gave us and found a lot of comfort in the wonderful natural birth stories from the farm. The films you showed were amazing, to see women giving birth and being at peace at the same time. Your class and the discussions from class gave me the confidence that I was hoping for. What I did not expect was to have such an amazing birth experience through natural labor.

I started contractions about 4:00AM on a beautiful spring day. They were intermittent and not structured for several hours. I took your advice and continued everyday tasks hoping it would help labor progress. At noon, my husband, 2 year old son and I went to the grocery store. I was moving very slowly and I had to stop in the aisles for contractions several times. I was getting funny looks from people, but I was still moving and feeling pretty good. The contractions became regular and closer together. We left for the hospital about 2:45PM and before we backed out of the driveway, I was on all fours in the front seat of the car. It was the only position that was comfortable. I smiled to myself thinking of your class. We played your CD in the car and the tears immediately started streaming down my face. Not because of the pain of labor, but because of the beautiful words that you were speaking. Upon arrival at the hospital, my midwife checked my progress and we found I was 10 centimeters dilated and ready to push! I was shocked, thinking back to your recommendation to stay at home as long as possible. I delivered on all fours and my son was born within 15 minutes. He was handed directly to me and was nursing within 5 minutes. He did not leave my side for the first hour of life.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. Your class changed my views on labor and birth forever. You have really touched our lives and left such a beautiful imprint on our family. For that, I am eternally grateful for you and for all that you do.”  Patti & Matt

Please visit our schedule page for more about times and dates of the Hypnosis for Childbirth class. If you are not in the Chicago area, this class is also available on DVD.

Also visit our pages that describe our monitrice care and our hypnotherapy services for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and turning breech babies.

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